ICEY TEK Oneskin 75L Esky- Grey Split Lid

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The Oneskin 75 is a culmination of decades of experience of manufacturing iceboxes for the demanding Australian environment. Designed in Australia for Australians, for the love of the great outdoor lifestyle we embrace.

We understand the uses, abuses, environments and occasions that these coolers will be used. This range is designed perfectly for the Australian environment.

Features Include:

Tough Oneskin Polyethylene outer skin material.

Thick Polyurethane Insulation for outstanding ice retention.

Super Smooth Interior for easy cleaning.

Easy Open/Close Silicone Latches for Hygiene and Durability

Textured Top of lid to help prevent sunlights heat accumulating.

Strong and Comfortable Webbing Handles which are removable without tools.

Tough Moulded Handle that form part of the cooler body.

Drain Plug – gasket Sealed, easy to screw in, recessed to fully drain all water.

Fully Integrated Hinge System – Designed to last the lifetime of the cooler.

Non Slip Rubber Feet. Prevent sliding in vehicles and boats.

Dual Locking Points on each front corner. Keep the hungriest of dingos, possums and kids out of your food with a padlock.



840mm wide (690mm inside)
460mm high (335mm inside)
460mm deep (340mm inside)